The 100 Most Popular Photoshop Tutorials 2008

If you have some problems to see some highest quality photoshop tutorials, go to Photoshop Lady. One site that have one article with the 100 Most Popular Photoshop Tutorials of 2008. This selection are  from their published tutorials, with over 1 million votes and views from Photoshop users and readers.



Christmas images high definition for wallpapers and more

If you want some of the best images of christmas, you can find them in . Great images and Hight definition.

SXC.HU it’s a free stock photo site where people share huge images with others. Login and join

Some examples of Christmas (small resolution):

Typetester – Compare screen type

Typetester  it’s a site for you to compare differents  fonts at the same time. Let you choose a best looking soluction for your design. You can test the fonts with settings. This way you can choose the best css for text.

allow you to compare up to three different fonts at the same time and
choose the right and best looking solution for your site. Tool have
very much different options to change and manipulate with text until
you find the best solution. The most important option for web designers
is possibility to see CSS settings for chosen text – this option, of
course, is included, but I think it is uncomfortable to use, and this
is the biggest imperfection of Typetester.

The site: Typetester