Niceform 1.0 has some bugs. However the upgrade it’s five stars. Try to embed this in your forms. The look is very pretty, and if you are expert in photoshop and css you can exchange the images and make your on form. Support all modern browser

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Demo: (version 2.0 and others)

Download: (version 2.0 and others too)


5 thoughts on “Niceforms 2.0, complete customization of web forms

  1. I am using the Niceform 2.0 with Mootools. But came to know that the onchange event for select boxes in such a form doesn’t work, as the niceforms.js replaces the select box with Divs. It’s working fine when first event occurs, but not working on second time.

    Any one have any solution, how to implement the onchange event in such a situation, or any work around.

    Any kind of help is appreciable ,


  2. As niceform replaces select element with UL-LI, it doesnt carry select’s onchange event with it. You can add onclick event to .

    Hope it helps

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