Vertical align images and text in a content. work for ie and firefox

Vertical -align is much used, but nor always results.
To obtain this effect it is necessary over all that the image or the text is absorbed in one div and this div has that to be “display-cell“. However, this div will have that to be involved in one another one div with “display-table“.
Clearly that it is necessary, other values, but below follow an example:

Css Document
.documImagem { display: table; vertical-align: middle; text-align: center; width: 400px; height: 300px;background-color:#8bbbf6;float:left;}
.documImagem * {vertical-align: middle;}
.documImagem .Img {display: table-cell}
.documImagem i { _display:inline-block; _height:100%; *display:inline-block; *height:100%;}

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Table or Css in your pages?

Many are the people who still use tables to idealize the sites. Although to know the technique relatively css, are felt more comfortable to use tables.

To Designer, becomes necessary to visualize that are make, and the tables, for some times becomes easy and is the fast way to give reply to this.
However, the power of css surpasses everything this. Flexibility with that we will be able to form and to remake our page becomes a trick with css. Clearly is, that the person that is accustomed to work with tables has that to learn this new concept. Delay a little and for times the things do not leave as we want. We start to create garbage in our pages that not always is very good, but with the persistence we obtain to see these errors and decides them in a well practical way.

Through css, for example we obtain to only remake a site of two for three columns, moving a line of the style of sources. It is obtained to remove an image, a content, or same a table; with a simple trick, without harming the layout. The change of color of one determined field, exactly of all the site is easy. Everything becomes very simple .
Everything this does not want to say that if it forgets tables. All the type of information, for example article lists, etc, must be made by tables, therefore thus a compact code smaller e becomes. However, its formatting is that it must have the aid of styles. In sites sufficiently great, the use of css makes with that the pages have a lesser number of weight, what for times becomes well significant.